2049 Entertainment creates cutting edge, adult, Virtual Reality entertainment that challenges the idea of what VR porn is and should be.


Using the latest in VR filmmaking technology and binaural audio recording we create high quality, highly immersive, intimate experiences designed for the most important element in the story….……. You.


Lead by VR entertainment pioneer Anna Lee, her multi nominated, award-winning work reflects the voice of today. Often nonbinary, always ethical and with an emphasis on empowerment, her vision for the future of adult entertainment is to create a space where both performers and audience members can safely and consensually explore sexuality within the realm of an experience that truly blurs the line between the real and the fantasy virtual world.


A Message from Anna Lee;

Covid-19 hit the reset button for the world, and now is the time that we decide what this new world will look like. The industry that I have been a part of for over 20 years, has seen more than its fair share of abuse of power, and with the shifts that are occurring globally, the voices of many of your favorite performers (and some producers) have said; enough!

It is time to put an end to abuse, coercion, discrimination, racism and the silencing of victims in the adult industry once and for all. 

It is time for change.

The hope is to create an industry that creates safe and consensual spaces for performers to explore their sexuality on camera and to be able to do so in a professional manner that treats everyone equally and with respect; a basic human right.

In order to make this a reality, we need to continue the dialogue. We need to continue to listen and to learn and most importantly we need to support those studios, companies and performers who are working hard to create the kind of industry that we need and deserve.

Fans, I encourage you to support the idea that the adult industry can be an amazing place to work. Imagine watching your favorite performer really letting go in a scene because he/she/they feel safe and supported to do so. Just imagine how incredibly erotic, sensual and downright f****king amazing that scene would be. Let’s make this content together.

Fans, I look forward to hearing your voice through your purchasing of ethically produced porn.

Performers, I look forward to building an industry that we can be and feel free to do our thing in a professional and safe manner.

I look forward to being a part of this new world with you all.